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Full Motion Video: Dying Light

The evolution of motion

Dying Light is a 1-4 player cooperative first-person game set in an urban location that is full of zombies. Under development at Techland and originally conceived as a sequel to Dead Island, it contains all the expected gore and giblets, but also goes in for some of that parkour that the kids use to commute to their office jobs these days. Graham went hands-on at Gamescom and found the controls fussy, which I take to mean that he jumped off a building and landed in a zombie's gob by mistake. I'm glad to have a sprinkling of doubt because a Mirror's Edge/Left 4 Dead mash-up is mighty tempting and the brand new video below is brill. Graham keeps expectations in check, like a glum father explaining the queue sizes and fatality rates before a trip to the funfair.

There are more big claims thrown around in that video than in a ramshackle frontier casino during the early days of the California Gold Rush. I can say one thing for sure though - I want to run around lopping bits off zombies during the day and flee screaming up the side of a building when night falls. It's OK to want that. I have a balanced timetable of grand strategy, turn-based tactics, the occasional adventure and PE sports sims on a Wednesday afternoon before double maths. There's space for some zombie slicing, surely?

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