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Elden Ring servers will be down for planned maintenance tomorrow

For an hour

If you get stuck in Elden Ring, you might want to summon a pal to help you. That won't be possible for a spell tomorrow: the game's servers are being taken offline for an hour to undergo maintenance which will "help improve some multiplayer functions."

The official Elden Ring Twitter account popped out the details:

"Servers for Elden Ring will undergo maintenance in the next few days to help improve some multiplayer functions," reads the original tweet. The maintenance period for the Steam version of the game will take place 4-5am GMT, 5-6am CET, 8-9pm PST. Note that the tweet above says CEST and not CET, as subsequent tweets do, but it seems to be a typo.

Elden Ring's multiplayer isn't just used to summon helpful chums, of course, but also in duels and invasions as per the Souls games. We've got a guide to Elden Ring's multiplayer features, should it please you. And a tips and tricks guide you can watch below:

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