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Post-Apocalyptic Exploration: Days Of The Electric Sky

Oodles of weird procedural experiments

Cyberpunk cities, alien malls, climbing frames of doom, hell pyramids, wonky roads, and unknown palaces. Almost every day, Strangethink Software drop a screenshot or two on Twitter of their latest work in procedurally-generated environments. They release some, like Error City Tourist (which I've mentioned before) and error-turned-playground Strange Climber, but I have no idea what most of them are from. Are they experiments or games? Doodles or designs? Possibly all these.

But the latest, oh gosh, the latest looks like an actual thing that'll actually be released. "Weird post-apocalyptic exploration" is how Strangethink describe Days of the Electric Sky. Just look at it!

Across a string of tweets, Strangethink tease: "The exact nature of the cataclysm isn't clear, but this culture never stood a chance"; "Roads bent into mysterious patterns, could this be a clue as to what forces destroyed this culture?"; "Everything is destroyed on the surface... Perhaps something could have been protected below"; "If you like searching wrecked cars among the sprawling ruins of civilisation you will fucking love this game"; "Everyone is gone now. It's up to you to collect their memories, caught in the electric sky."

Wonky roads.

Of course, given Strangethink's tweeting style, that could all simply be colourful captions rather than hints. That'd be fine too. I simply want to explore this place.

Strangethink have also recently been showing off a cyberpunk city that'll be populated by people in "wild future fashions" (so don't mind the placeholder art). It's their next project after Days of the Electric Sky, and I'm awfully keen to poke around here too:

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