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Europa Universalis II is free on GOG for Paradox's 20th anniversary sale

Plus up to 80% off select Paradox games

GOG are giving away Europa Universalis II for free right now as part of their Paradox Interactive 20th Anniversary sale. Both the sale and the giveaway are running until 2pm BST on October 24th, so make sure you add the classic strategy game to your GOG account before then if you fancy picking it up. There are also some great deals to be had on Paradox's wider catalogue, too, including up to 75% off big hitters such as Stellaris and Battletch, so read on for our sale highlights.

There are seven series on offer at the moment: Age Of Wonders, Battletech, Europa Universalis, Hearts Of Iron, Imperator: Rome, Stellaris and Surviving Mars, with both the base games and various expansion and DLC packs on offer.

As an extra bonus, if you buy three titles from the same collection (say, Stellaris and two of its upgrade packs, for example), then you'll also get an additional 10% saving on top of their existing discount prices. Alternatively, GOG say that if you complete you collection of a particular game, they'll raise that extra saving to another 15%.

Just make sure you don't accidentally buy the base version and its respective deluxe edition when you're frantically clicking all those tick boxes on the main sale page, as you may end up spending more than you need to in order to get that extra 15% off. By the same logic, make sure to check what's in said deluxe editions before adding loads of extra DLC bits to your basket, as you may also end up double-buying here as well.

The Paradox games mentioned above aren't the only ones on sale at the moment, either. They've also slashed up to 70% off older Fallout games, as well as dozens of games in their weekly sale, including 60% off My Time At Portia and 60% off Mutant Year Zero, plus 75% off Neo Scavenger and 80% off Metro 2033 Redux to name just a couple.

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