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The European Speedrunner Asssembly charity marathon runs all week

Gotta go fast, with European accents

We're a couple days late to this party, which probably ensures our exile from the speedrunning community. This Saturday, the summer's other major charity speedrun marathon began streaming on Twitch. No, not Games Done Quick, but the lesser-known (though no less impressive in scale) European Speedrunner Assembly - ESA, for short.

Hosted at the amusingly named Quality Hotel View in Malmö, Sweden and running across two parallel streams, they're breaking games quickly and raising money for Save The Children. You can see their full week's schedule here, and both streams below.

At the time of writing, they're currently thrashing Firestriker on the SNES on Stream 1, and Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories on the PSTV on Stream 2. While I sadly missed their run earlier of neo-retro FPS Dusk, they've got some fun stuff still lined up for tonight, as listed on the schedule here. This evening we've still got LA Noire and Brutal Legend to look forward to on Stream 2, and a three-way Binding of Isaac race on Stream 1, capped off with offbeat RPGs Transistor and Undertale.

It's a pity that the ESA's marathons are so much lesser-known than Games Done Quick. Both are great showcases of gaming skill, and both are raising money for a good cause. So, spread the word and tell a friend if you spot a game they love on the schedule.

So, now you've had a chance to peruse what's on the menu, what will you be setting alarms for and tuning in to see live? They've got some interesting stuff lined up for tomorrow, including painfully bleak indie RPG LISA: The Hopeful, and a Dark Souls 2 race that will be fighting their way through in 'reverse boss order' which sounds like a great way to get smacked around by incredibly dangerous creatures, but I'm terrible at dodge-rolls, so what do I know?

The ESA charity streams are live now here (stream 1) and here (stream 2) and will be running until this coming Saturday afternoon, GMT/BST.

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