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Fallout 4's official high-res texture pack is out

Fallout 4 but crisper

As promised, Bethesda have released an official high-resolution texture pack for Fallout 4 [official site]. If your pigrig is ripped full of beef with chops to spare, you can download the pack for free to admire post-apocalyptic cups and corpses like never before. It doesn't massively change how the game looks but does make it look... more like itself? Good-o! If you don't fancy rifling through fan-made packs to figure out which changes least/most in a way you like, hey, install this and Fallout 4 will look better.

Looking at comparison screenshots it seems that yup, as expected, the high-res textures are the same ones but crisper. Presumably Bethesda artists worked in high resolutions when creating the textures in the first place, then exported them at a low(er) resolution for the actual release. No surprise, common practice, and exactly what I'd want. With this high-res pack, Fallout 4 looks like Fallout 4 but less blurry.

The texture pack is up now on Steam. It's released technically as free DLC, which means you can install and uninstall it by ticking and unticking the box on its Steam library entry. As for the steaks your chopblaster will need to riff this picpack, Bethesda list these system requirements:

OS: Windows 7/8/10 (64-bit OS required)
Processor: Intel Core i7-5820K or better
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Graphics: GTX 1080 8GB
Storage: 58 GB available space

What about AMD graphics cards? Bethesda's initial system requirements announcement listed a Radeon that, er, doesn't officially exist yet so they hastily pulled that and haven't replaced it. I imagine an expensive Radeon is what you'll need. A chunky one. With lots of fans. Probably makes a fair bit of noise. Might make your roxxorboxxor lift itself off the ground slightly. Perhaps you tether it with chains to stop it flying round the room. A pretty fast one, okay?

Some folks who don't meet that spec say the pack still runs just fine, so you might fancy giving it a crack anyway if your hardware falls a generation or two short.

Oh, and that 58GB of space? That's extra space, on top of Fallout's current installation. That's high-res textures for you!

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