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Fallout 76 details 2021 roadmap and perk loadouts are coming soon

You'll be able to swap your builds—the stats kind and the camp kind

Fallout 76, despite its awkward start back in 2018, has turned into a pretty decent online RPG. The Appalachian Wasteland is sketching out plans for another year of story and feature updates which looks like it will continue playing into its MMO-lite aspirations. Updates this spring are scheduled to bring long-awaited perk loadouts while the Brotherhood Of Steel story continues this summer.

In the near term, Fallout 76's spring update is scheduled to bring a lot of MMO-style convenience features that have been on the horizon. The biggo, by my measure, is S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Loadouts. That's build templates in typical online RPG terms. Starting at level 25, you'll be able to swap between your personal stat and perk card setups from a buildable station at your camp or train stations around the wasteland. It's free too, which means you can swap between your dungeon build and your carrying your best pal build whenever you need.

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The spring update will also add slots for you to save different camp builds. You can only have one active at a time, but each will have its own build budget and map icon. "Going forward, you won’t have to choose whether to open a Wasteland B&B, fortify a Free States outpost, or run your own Red Rocket Station," Bethesda say. New Daily Ops and mannequins are on the list too. Bethesda explained a few more of the details on how camp slots and perk loadouts work in a post from when those features hit the test server in February.

Later on in the year, another chapter of the Brotherhood Of Steel storyline stomps out in the summer alongside legendary item crafting. Autumn will involve updates to how private worlds work. Winter is scheduled to add a new tier of legendary items and camp pets too.

I chatted with Fallout 76's developers late last year when they let on that they want to create new explorable maps like Fallout 4's expansions. They cautioned then that Expeditions, as they'll be called, are still quite a ways off. They don't look to be in the cards for 2021 based on this new roadmap, but perhaps some new details will surface later in the year.

If you're curious about more, Bethesda say they're also running a Q&A session over on Reddit tomorrow March 23rd at 3:30pm GMT (8:30am PDT).

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