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Fallout 76’s custom worlds will let you turn private servers into a playground

“Welcome to Craig’s Mothman sanctuary and spa”

Fallout 76 has always promised proper custom servers, and they’ve just launched the first version of them. Fallout Worlds lets players control a private Fallout 76 instance with its own rules, tweaking settings across every aspect of the game. Players will encounter bespoke building rules, OTT enemies, and more.

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The upcoming update isn’t a level editor, but a settings editor. When you create a custom world, you’re given control of a range of options. You can let players place their camp down in previously restricted areas or make it so their build doesn’t require any electricity to run. You can enable complete building freedom, inviting towering, unsupported hovels to pop up.

Game balance can also take a whack to the knees. You can unlock unlimited everything, spawn all kinds of creatures where they shouldn’t be, play with the weather, and let people leap buildings. It could get wacky. Or it could be the place for you and your pals to seriously devote themselves to the almighty Mothman, the grandest creature to ever stalk the night. If you have ten minutes, let me tell you about our lord and savi - oh, ok. Some other time.

The menu for Fallout76's worlds settings

Creating and hosting a world is limited to Fallout 1st subscribers, but they can invite anyone into their game. That’s absolutely going to lead to some people waking up in a dark room with the words ‘Who wants to play a game?’ spelled out in the game’s neon signage. Which is good. There are often fun ideas nestling at the back of the community’s brain. Instead of demanding them from Bethesda, they can, in some small fashion, do it themselves.

If you don’t have a benevolent friend with a 1st subscription, there will be publicly available servers hosted by Bethesda with community suggestions as to what sort of terrifying settings they’ll create. They’ll rotate monthly.

The servers are now live on the games public test channel.

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