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Get Dirt 4 for less than £1 in Fanatical's Spring Sale

Plus get 71% off Resident Evil 3 and loads more

Fanatical have kicked off their Spring Sale today, with (and I quote) "1000s of game deals" up for grabs for the month of March. Not all deals are currently live just yet, as Fanatical will be adding new ones throughout the coming weeks. I'll be doing my best to keep on top of all the new stuff that gets added, but right now there are some very tasty flash deals taking place on Resident Evil 3, which is currently 71% off, and Dirt 4, which is a massive 95% off that equates to just 74p / $1 (!). A true bargain if ever I saw one. Plus, if you spend £8 / $10 in a single order, you'll also get to choose from one of three free gifts: another msytery Steam key, a money off voucher for your next order or a free game.

Those flash deals are only around for another six hours at time of writing, so you'll need to snap them up quickly before they return to their normal discount prices. Those aren't the only flash deals of Fanatical's Spring Sale, though, as there will be three new flash deals added at 4pm GMT every day, so it might be worth checking back in every now and again to see what's going cheap.

To help you wade through the torrent of other game deals currently taking place, I've picked out some personal highlights below. It's not just older games that are on sale, either, as new games including Persona 5 Strikers have also seen some tasty discounts applied as well.

Alternatively, if you'd prefer to browse by publisher, than Fanatical have also split their Spring Sale into dedicated Ubisoft deals, Capcom deals, Sega deals to name just a few of them.

Remember, if it's Paradox games you're after, then you're probably better off heading over to Humble, as they've currently got a Build Your Own Paradox Bundle deal taking place that lets you save up to 88% when you buy three games or more.

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