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Far Cry 4 Trailer Has A Wingsuit Grenade Plane Attack OK

That's not what Pagans do

This new Far Cry 4 trailer is nominally designed to re-introduce Pagan Min, the game's antagonist, but there's a moment midway through in which the player drives a dirt bike off a cliff in pursuit of a plane, let's go and wingsuits through the air, and then blows up said plane with a tossed grenade. That's exactly the sort of action silliness I liked about Far Cry 3, so take a look below.

Let's call this the Just Cause-ification of open world games. It's not enough that they be set in beautiful places and be about shooting things; they also need to feature absurd, liberating movement systems. Wingsuits for all, I say, and single-seat helicopters and mountain-climbing tools and and and.

I played a bit of Far Cry 4 at this year's Gamescom, and while the session mainly focused on the magical Shangri-La areas, where enemies appear and vanish in puffs of smoke, it was the little taste of infiltrating a fort I enjoyed the most. Those capturable towns were the best part of Far Cry 3 are apparently set to play a larger role this time around. It's enough to make me excited for this sequel, which is now less than two months away.

Oh, yes, and Pagan Min. He's the baddie this trailer is about. He still seems like a formulaic repeat of Vaas to me, but I liked Vaas plenty. He was the best part of Far Cry 3's mandatory story missions.

For another trailer of Far Cry 4, this one being watched by an elephant, I refer you to our correspondent Timothy Walker.

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