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Clickuorice Allsorts: Getting mugged in For Honor

Cup victory in your hands

UBISOFT: Soldiers! For Honor is not a game. It is a quest for medieval prowess. You will spend hours honing your swordsmanship, weeks sharpening your wits. Only the most ferocious survive in this ahistorical spike pit of combat, a land torn asunder, soaked in flame and dread and ash. You will train for months, tempering yourself in this sharp-edged gauntlet. You will dodge, limp, parry and perish, and steadily climb the ladder of fate until, one day, you too will become a warrior. A master. Unbeaten on the battlefield, feared by many, respected by all, the steel-born menace you were destined to be. Yaaaargh!

FOR HONOR PLAYER: What if we just got really good at throwing cups?

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