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For Honor's new Marching Fire expansion trailer shows off new heroes, graphical upgrades, plenty of burning

Heating up

Ubisoft’s melee-dramatic, vaguely historically inspired For Honor has always been a speculative thing, mashing together unrelated factions for the fun of it. With the pending release of the Marching Fire expansion, they’re taking it one step further and asking: what if knights vs. samurai vs. Vikings, but now everything is burning? See for yourself below:

“Save the realm, or burn it down?” asks our announcer, twice, and from the looks of this trailer it sure seems like the second option is the one they’re expecting. And all those maps you’re razing will look extra pretty, too, with a big graphical update coming alongside the expansion. According to the official patch notes, “environment textures have been reworked and enriched to bring more clarity, more details and are less monochromatic.” They also claim better character and weapon textures, new lighting, and better clouds, presumably for when you get stabbed by a newly decorated sword, look to the heavens, and curse them for your bad luck.

There are four new heroes coming, too, from the Chinese Wu Lin faction, and two new game types. Breach mode will have teams work together to attack or defend a fortress (and set things ablaze), while arcade mode can be played solo or co-op, with players taking on ever-changing quests to level up characters and get new loot.

Most of the update will be free to those who already own For Honor, but to get into arcade mode you’ll need to buy the full expansion for £25.99/€29.99/$29.99 on Steam, Humble, or Ubisoft’s website. It’ll be available on Tuesday October 16th.

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