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It's murder on the dancefloor in Fortnite's new 50v50 mode

You'd better not kill the groove

I mostly play Fortnite Battle Royale for the 50v50 megamurder event modes, so I'm glad to see a new one arrive in today's update. Disco Domination is its name, and... disco domination is also its game. It's a control point mode where both teams are trying to capture dancefloors by boogying on 'em, then holding them by murdering would-be disco invaders. Like other 50v50 modes, yeah it's a bit of a spamfest, but I quite like that. Bouncing and boogying with my giant deadly dance troupe is a good time.

Murder is vital to Disco Domination, sure, but kills only buy time and space, not the victory; up until the final circle, players respawn after a few seconds. What you really need to win is control of the five dancefloors spawned around the island, which grant a steady flow of victory points while you hold them. Capturing is done, of course, by dancing until a disco ball is raised. So off you all go, dancing and shooting and gliding and it's a bit of a lark.

I've played a few rounds and enjoyed myself. I like seeing Epic playing with Fortnite Battle Royale, smooshing other modes into the mix and seeing how far they can bend the formula. And this, yeah, can be a bit spammy, but also I had a great time roaming with a group of a dozen dancers reclaiming distant dancefloors until the enemy only had one heavily-fortified megadisco left - unassailable, but outpaced in victory points by our four. Not to mention it's just plain nice when people dance.

Today's update also added the new Quad Launcher, a rocket launcher which can blast four bangers real quick. The Port-a-Fortress is back. And loot drop rates are tweaked a wee bit. See the v6.02 patch notes for more on all that.

Fortnite Battle Royale is free-to-play through Epic's client. You'd better not kill the groove.

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