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Forza Horizon 5 players are scheming to get rich quick using old Jeeps

And flooding other players with their cast-off Willys as 'gifts'

Give players a grind to unlock goodies and earn money and, rather than play the game the way the developers might intend, they'll likely figure out the laziest and most efficient way to accomplish that. In Forza Horizon 5, this involves buying janky Jeeps. So many Jeeps. Players have figured out that an endless stream of Willys Jeeps give them a cheap way to get big spins on the prizewheel, potentially winning big money and unlocking rare cars. The game is awash with Jeeps.

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As Windows Central noted, the 1945 Willys Jeep is cheap to buy for credits and cheap to upgrade with Skill Points, and upgrading earns you a Super Wheelspin—a big go on the prize wheel which pays out credit rewards and unlocks things. So, some players are ploughing everything into crap Jeeps. Apparently you can get Skill Point refunds if you donate cars, so Jeep farmers are gifting them freely. Some players are finding themselves flooded with rando Jeeps.

Supposedly Supras can do the same, but it's slightly less efficient and less, y'know, silly.

Though I do like how some players trying to lift spirits and lessen the disappointment of gifts by sending out non-crap cars.

Presumably developers Playground Games will tweak this at some point, make it less efficient, less annoying for people being flooded with the same car. Whether this makes you say "Please! Soon!" or "Wait! Not yet!" might reveal a lot about you.

Our Forza Horizon 5 review says it's "Not the best racing game ever made, but a contender for best driving game." Which is pretty good alright. The game launched properly on Tuesday, following a wee pre-order early access period—during which some got a head start on Willys farming.

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