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MMO sandbox war Foxhole marches on early access

Play a unit in an RTS-y war

Foxhole [official site], a massively multiplayer sandbox war where players act like units in an RTS, has invaded Steam Early Access. A war has raged for yonks, see, and now hundreds of players play every part from building bases and running supplies to, you know, fighting. After a stretch in open pre-alpha (which I downloaded but didn't play because Plunkbat happened), Foxhole has now officially launched into paid early access. A bit like PlanetSide 2, World War 2 Online, and other persistent wars, it's all one big throwdown across many fronts with grand schemes and grander failures. I hear good things from chums who are more resistant to Plunkbat's siren call.

"A truck driver picked me up and just made me one of his scrap collectors," Brendan said the other week. "Five of us just roaming the land, doing what we could behind the scenes, and every so often we'd come under fire in a place that should have been our turf. We have such a horrible porous frontline."

That sounds great. Or you hit the frontlines to murder people. Or run supplies. Or go scouting for holes in the enemy's frontline. Or perhaps patch up those in your own (Brendan). There are many ways to contribute to the war.

Foxhole is on Steam Early Access for £13.49/17,99€/$17.99, which includes a 10% launch discount. Plans for early access include more content, features, depths, and polish, and another mode. Developers Clapfoot say that while they have no fixed release date in mind, they expect to launch the full version of Foxhole in about a year.

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