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Game Of Thrones RPG Out In June, Kissed Its Sister

Having just watched the latest episode of Game Of Thrones, I'm fairly convinced that any role-playing game based on the books will just be a simulator for having sex with your brother/sister. But the latest trailer for Game Of Thrones: The Game (is that really what they're sticking with?) appears to show that there's also some chopping people up, too. It's released to accompany the news that the game has a release date. Well, woolly release month portion, of "early June".

It's interesting to see that the game is taking its visual cues from HBO's show, rather than Cyanide's own vision of the novels. That makes commercial sense, of course, with the TV show becoming a must-watch for all who want to see siblings gettin' it awwwwwn. Although they say the story for the game received "creative input" from George R.R.R.R.R.R.R.R.R. Martin himself. Whether that means he significantly contributed, or had his secretary's secretary say "Yeah, sure," on the phone is not clear. But the prospect of a new original verse to that song of ice and fire sounds a good deal to me.

It's from Cyanide, for whom I think this game is arguably a chance to prove themselves. Their luke-warmly received Loki in 2007 failed to inspire, and Chaos League didn't demonstrate any RPG chops. Blood Bowl may have made Quintin and Kieron squee their pants, but again, not demonstrating RPG skillz. Then their RTS, Game Of Thrones: Genesis, proved to be a bit poop. With Pro Cycling Manager their breakaway hit series, hopefully the last three years of development on GoT will change how they're perceived. You can watch the latest trailer here, because it doesn't bloody upload and Focus haven't bothered putting it on their own channel. However, I did write a little song for the aborted YouTube upload, which I shall instead reproduce here:

It's a trail-er, of a ga-ame,
about crazy mixed up fa-mi-lies
They all fuck their, bros and sisters,
Then chop the head off of a ba-by

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