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Genshin Impact version 1.1 adds new characters, reputation system, and more

Get your wish wallets out, folks

Good news for those of you who've been grinding Primogems for over a month: Genshin Impact's first big update is out with four new characters to start wishing for. As for updates you don't need to wish for, there's a new city reputation system, new world and story quests, and a chunky list of bug fixes. It's all live today.

On the story side, Genshin has added a new Archon Quest called A New Star Approaches. "The mysterious emissary Ganyu appears before you at Third-Round Knockout," Mihoyo say. "Claiming to have come at Ningguang's behest, she invites you to the skyfaring palace known as the Jade Chamber." They've also added a story quest called the Monoceros Caeli Chapter involving the new 5-star character Childe.

As for those new characters, today's update adds 5-star hydro bow user Childe, 5-star geo polearm-er Zhongli, 4-star cryo bow user Diona, and 4-star pyro claymore wielder Xinyan. You can catch them all in action in the Version 1.1 trailer up there. Zhongli may be the geo character but it's Xinyan who rocks, right? Right?

Genshin has also added a city reputation system for players over Adventure Rank 25 that you can earn with both cities Mondstadt and Liyue. You'll need to complete certain story quests before reputation with either city unlocks, after which you can complete bounties, quests, and other activities to earn rewards such as wind gliders and recipes.

You can catch more details and a long list of bug fixes over in Mihoyo's patch notes post. The new area Dragonspine is expected in December.

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