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Take 30% off the Epos H3, GSP 370 and more top headsets in the UK

Best-ever prices from the headset makers formerly known as Sennheiser's gaming division

UK retailer GameByte is running a pretty cool special offer on EPOS headsets right now, including the H3 and GSP 370 that carry warm RPS recommendations. You can get 30% off the listed price using the code EPOS30, resulting in historic low prices, or pick up the headsets with a free or discounted game from a small selection of recent PS5 and Xbox Series X/S releases. Either way, this is a fantastic chance to get a great deal on some of the best PC gaming headsets on the market.

The headsets here are really high quality. Head headset tester Katharine has written up her thoughts on the Epos H3 and Sennheiser GSP 370, and found them generally to offer excellent build quality and great sound.

The EPOS H3 gaming headset from the side, showing the flip-down microphone

The H3 is a mid-range wired headset, normally £110 but £77 with the EPOS30 code. Katharine liked its aestheics and sound quality, but noted that the volume wheel is a bit fiddly to operate and the price was a little high. We can't do much about the volume wheel - unless you have a keeb with a volume wheel like many of our top keyboard recommendations - but the price is now much more competitive and the lowest it's ever been.

Meanwhile, the EPOS 370 is a high-end wireless headset with phenomenally long battery life (100 hours!) and impeccable audio - even the mic, normally a weak point for wireless headsets, is pretty stellar here. It normally retails for £180, but with the code it's £126 - the cheapest I've ever seen it!

The GSP 300, GSP 601/602 and GSP 670 are also included in the deal. All offer variations along that same basic Epos/Sennheiser promise: top sound quality, great mics, superior build quality and rather bulky designs that nonetheless are quite comfortable to use. If you're interested in a high-end PC headset, then it's well worth checking some reviews - I use a GSP 600 myself at home and find it great for blocking out noise and getting work done (or gaming) in comfort. (The GSP 601 and 602 are identical to the GSP 600, they're just different colourways.)

So, the EPOS30 code is pretty self-explanatory - just add it at the checkout to get historic low prices on pretty much all of these EPOS headsets - so let's cover the free or discounted games side of things as well.

Cover image for YouTube videoThe PC Gaming Weekspot: Best Steam Next Fest Demos! Everwild! Elden Ring! Other Stuff!

The way it works is you add the headset you're interested in to your cart, then you'll be offered the chance to add a game at either 50% off or for free. Unfortunately, these games are all PS5 or Xbox titles, and none support Play Anywhere, so you won't be able to play these on PC. (I have contacted GameByte to ask them if PC titles can be added; obviously I will update here if they miraculously do add some PC games!)However, I thought this might still be of interest to anyone that has a recent console; you could also re-sell the games to make some money back from the purchase. Sadly, you can't use the 30% off code and the free game offer simultaneously - I tried! - so you'll have to see which works out better for you.

So there we have it - a great chance to get some RPS-recommended EPOS and Sennheiser headsets at extremely good prices. I hope you found this useful, and stay tuned for more deals in the days to come!

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