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Get 33% off three months of Xbox Game Pass for PC

In the US today, and in the UK from tomorrow

Xbox Game Pass for PC is going cheap for the holidays this week, as you can currently get a third off a three-month membership over at Amazon. That's three month's worth of games for the price of two. The deal is already live in the US, knocking $10 off its usual price, and here's hoping we'll see a similar deal arrive in the UK shortly. Remember, you can stack codes up to 36 months, too, making this a great time to buy in bulk to help reduce the overall cost of your membership.

Remember, you can still get a month's worth of Game Pass for PC for just £1 / $1 if you're a new user, so make sure you take advantage of that offer as well if you can. As mentioned above, the price cut is only available in the US right now, but I've included the link for UK Game Pass peeps just in case that shows up as well. If we get the same 33% off deal, then we should be able to pick it up for £16 instead of the usual £24.

Game Pass for PC has added some real big hitters lately, including Doom Eternal, Dragon Quest XI: Definitive Edition S and Crusader Kings 3, as well as plenty of indie gems such as Among Us, Haven, Yes Your Grace and the very good Unto The End (Sin might not have liked the latter but I think it's rad).

Yes, it's a shame that the addition of all the EA Play games has been delayed until sometime next year, but let's face it, there are more than enough games on Game Pass to keep you ticking over until then, especially since we're getting Every. Single. Goddamn Yakuza game on the planet over the next couple of months, with Yakuzas 3-5 arriving on January 28th, and Yakuza 6: Song Of Life arriving on March 25th (so you may want to buy another pass to ensure you can carry on your wrestle dad saga uninterrupted).

Xbox Game Pass for PC finally left its beta phase back in September, which saw its price increase from £4 / $5 a month to £8 / $10 a month. That's still pretty good value considering just how much stuff you get with the PC version, but at least today's 33% off deal will help bring those costs back down closer to its original beta pricing.

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