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Get a 1TB Micro SD card for your Steam Deck for just £110

The Lexar Play 1TB is £30 off today, and the faster SanDisk Extreme is also discounted.

The Steam Deck is a brilliant system, but its internal storage is limited - from anywhere from 64GB to 512GB depending on the model you chose. Thankfully, Micro SD cards are getting extremely affordable, even in massive sizes all the way up to 1TB. Smaller sizes like 256GB and 512GB are better value per gigabyte, but today in the UK there's been a big discount on a 1TB Lexar Play Micro SD card that brings it into contention too.

The Lexar Play 1TB is now retailing for £110 at Amazon, compared to a usual price of £140. If you'd prefer something a little more high performance, the highly-rated SanDisk Extreme 1TB card is also on sale, dropping from £220 to £140.

So - what makes the Lexar Play 1TB worth considering alongside our existing recommendations for the best Steam Deck Micro SD cards? Well, in terms of value the Lexar Play can't be beat, coming in cheaper than our recommended SanDisk Ultra (£115), while also offering better performance.

The Play has an A2 speed rating compared to the Ultra's A1 rating, meaning the Lexar card is hitting at least 4000 IOPS in random reads and 2000 IOPS in random writes. That's significantly beyond the A1 standards, which are 1500 and 500 IOPS, respectively.

However, the SanDisk Extreme card we mentioned earlier has even more fearsome performance specs. It hits the same A2 standard, but is capable of read speeds up to 160MB/s compared to 150MB/s for the Lexar Play. The Extreme card also performs better in sustained random reads and writes than the Play card according to reviews, although both cards should be more than sufficient for the Steam Deck - you might just be waiting a little longer with the Play.

Whichever card you choose, these are some awesome deals that will dramatically expand your available game storage.

Let me know what you think in the comments below, and we'll catch you for one final deals post for this week soon!

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