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Get a 2TB SSD for $128 if you're an Amazon Prime member

A great deal on the T-Force Vulcan Z, a TLC DRAM-less SATA drive.

SATA SSDs are getting increasingly affordable, with even capacious 2TB models going down in price rapidly as NVMe drives approach parity with the slower SATA drives. This makes it a good time to pick up a SATA drive for desktops or laptops that can't accommodate another M.2 drive, especially for media or game storage where the speed difference between SATA and NVMe is minimal.

Today, Teamgroup's imaginatively-named T-Force Vulcan Z drive is down to $128 for a 2TB model, the lowest price we can find for this size at present.

Note that to get this price, you do need to be an Amazon Prime member - normal folk you like and me will see a price of $160 instead, alongside a reminder to 'join Prime to save $32 on this item'. You should be able to join Prime under a free trial, order the item and then cancel your Prime status to avoid a charge.

After its 20% discount, this is an awesomely good value SSD. We haven't reviewed this particular model, but TeamGroup is a well-known maker of budget drives and RAM, and this model has strong reviews on Amazon too. The drive was released in May of this year, so it's quite new, and will present a massive upgrade over hard drives in terms of access times and transfer speeds.

If you still have hard drives in your PC - especially if you have multiple small HDDs as I once did - I'd encourage you to consider the merest possibility of replacing them with solid state storage instead. SSDs have no moving parts, so they're silent, resistant to shocks and drops, and use less power as well.

That just about does it for this deal, but let me know if you have any questions - or comments! - below. Cheers.

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