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Get a 500W Seasonic SFX-L power supply for $35 at Newegg

An incredibly low price for a tiny PSU - perfect for small form factor builds.

Seasonic is known the world over for their high-spec, high-reliability power supplies, and today one of their small form factor (SFX-L) PSUs is heavily discounted at Newegg. The fully modular Focus SGX-500 is a 500W PSU that comes with a ten-year warranty and a footprint of less than 5 x 5 inches. Normally you'd expect to pay $120 for it, but a combination of a Newegg discount, a $15 mail in rebate and a code for $10 off (NEOCTOBER) has dropped it to just $35 when all is said and done - pretty impressive!

SFX-L power supplies like this one are mainly intended to be used in smaller cases, like the Mini ITX Cooler Master NR200P we've featuered a few times in deals posts, but you could theoretically use it in a larger case too. With 500W of power, you won't be able to run a high-end GPU like the RTX 3080, but with a modern CPU - particularly an efficient AMD Ryzen one - you should be able to run an RTX 2070, RX 5700 XT or similar depending on the rest of your components.

Looking online, I'm struggling to find anything as good value as this - on Amazon, 80+ Gold rated 500W power supplies tend to cost anywhere from $62 to $115, and SFX-L power supplies tend to be at the upper end of that range. In short, I reckon this is a very good deal and you should jump on it if you're building a small form factor PC! Remember to use code NEOCTOBER to knock $10 off and fill in that mail-in rebate for that extra $15 back. Good luck!

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What do you think of this deal? Let me know in the comments below - it's always interesting to hear what people are looking for and what is too niche to be worth posting. Thanks for joining me once again and we'll catch you on the next one!

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