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Get a clean and classy dual monitor arm setup for $42.90 after this Amazon US discount

North Bayou's monitor stand offers full adjustability and supports up to 33lbs.

A line drawing of a person wearing gamer clothing and sitting in a gaming chair using a dual monitor setup. The drawing is so poor even a child could not have done it.
Image credit: Will Judd/North Bayou

Want a dual monitor setup that frees up desk space and provides tons of adjustability? Right now you can pick up a quality dual monitor arm from North Bayou on Amazon US for just $42.90, allowing you to support monitors up to 33 pounds for a fraction over $20 each.

That's an outstanding value on a dual gas spring monitor arm with full height control, allowing landscape, portrait or mixed orientations for monitors up to 32 inches in size.

The advantage of having a dual monitor arm like this is that it makes for a cleaner setup, with less to get in the way of your frantic mousing, and it can be cheaper than a single-arm solution too. Despite great adjustability here, including the ability to pull monitors up and down rather than just having a single set height, you'll probably still want separate monitor stands if you're towards the upper end of the quoted weight limit - especially if your desk is more the particle board variety rather than proper wood or a standing desk that wobbles more than average. Still, for the most common 27-inch monitors, this is the perfect arm for a clean dual-screen setup that doesn't break the bank either.

Interestingly, this monitor stand also comes with a USB port and extension cord, so you can have easy access to a single USB peripheral without cluttering up your setup - which perhaps might be good for recharging wireless peripherals or the like.

If you're in the UK, the best alternative I can find is this Huanuo Dual Monitor Stand, which offers a similar design for £50 after a £10 voucher is applied. This dual monitor arm supports up to 18 kilograms in total, making it a bit more powerful for a slightly higher cost.

Let me know if this deal is helpful, and if you do go for one of these monitor arms let me know how it goes! Thanks for reading and we'll catch you again next time.

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