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Get a full-size Logitech wireless mechanical keyboard for 52% off at Amazon US

An awesome price on the Logitech G613 Lightspeed, with 2.4GHz wireless and Bluetooth.

One of Logitech's best keyboards is going for better than half-off at Amazon today. The G613 Lightspeed is a wireless mechanical keyboard that offers a full-size layout with six macro keys, so a premium price of $130 isn't surprising - but today, this keyboard is retailing for just $62 at Amazon US. That's a historic low price.

This keyboard uses Logitech's proprietary Lightspeed wireless, which uses 2.4GHz for a reliable and low latency connection. I've been using a wireless Lightspeed mouse for years, and it's never failed me - even for competitive gaming. This keyboard's lack of RGB backlighting means that its battery lasts a really long time too - Logitech rate it as 'up to 18 months' which is just incredible. As well as 2.4GHz wireless via a USB dongle, you also get Bluetooth to connect to other devices such as phones and tablets.

Logitech also rolled their own when it comes to the keyboard's Romer-G switches. These are similar in feel to Cherry MX switches, but use a different physical design that means custom keycaps are hard to come by. Still, the feeling of the default ABS keycaps is quite good, and it's difficult to find a better-feeling mechanical keyboard that also ticks the same criteria - full-size, wireless, macro keys - at a similar price!

This is a US deal, but the best price I found on the same keyboard in the UK is at Amazon where it's £95... not quite the same level of value, but better than its UK RRP of £130!

That just about does it for now, so thanks for joining me and we'll catch you again next week!

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