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Get a giant 4TB Crucial MX500 SATA SSD for $269.90 at B&H Photo

Down from a regular price of $349.99, this is a great Black Friday storage deal.

Crucial's MX500 is a classic SATA SSD, with TLC NAND and a DRAM-cache offering excellent sustained performance only supplanted by newfangled NVMe M.2 drives. Today the biggest size of the MX500, the 4TB model, is down to $269.90 in an early Black Friday sale at B&H Photo in the US - an $80 saving from the drive's usual price.

This is a great deal for a 4TB SATA SSD, with the drive dropping into the same price range as slower QLC-based drives without a DRAM cache like Crucial's own BX500. The differences between the two types of drive aren't major if you're planning to use the drive for media or game storage, but become much more critical if this is to become your OS drive, as sustained write speeds will be much higher on the MX500 than on drives that use cheaper flash memory and have no DRAM cache.

The MX500 has been recommended in Digital Foundry's guide to the best SSDs for some time in the SATA category, but the similarly-powerful Samsung 870 Evo is the pick over in the RPS best SSD for gaming stakes. Thankfully, that gives us a good point of comparison - how much does a Samsung 870 Evo cost? Right now, it's $300 for the Samsung drive, making this a significantly better value choice.

So if you're in the market for a big ol' SATA drive, this is definitely worth considering, especially if you're planning to use this as your primary drive and want something with plenty of endurance.

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