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Get a great 27-in 1440p 165Hz gaming monitor for £300 today - or even less

Choose from the LG GN850 or the Dell S2721DGFA, two critically acclaimed models available at a steep discount.

The Dell S2721DGFA is one of my favourite monitors, as it's right in that current 'sweet spot' of price versus performance. 27 inches, 1440p resolution, 165Hz refresh rate and a 'Fast IPS' panel that offers a blend of TN-like motion handling and IPS colours and viewing angles. Alongside LG monitors like the 27GN850, which use the same panel, it's one of the best monitors on the market right now - even though it hasn't been honoured with an RPS review! Today, both the Dell and the LG are discounted to £300 - a big reduction from their usual prices of £380 to £400.

First, the Dell model as this is the one that most people will prefer, I think. (Both monitors use the same LG Fast IPS panel and offer great performance, but the Dell has a marginal refresh rate advantage, 165Hz to 144Hz, and has a better stand.) This is currently selling for £380 on Dell's UK site, but if you use two codes you can bring it down to £300 - or, if you're lucky, even lower.

So you need to use code UKMONSAVE50 to take £50 off the price, then VCLOUD8 to take an extra 8% off. This brings the total price to £300, a great deal for this particular model.

You can also go one step further if you happen to quality for an Xexec account, which is something you might get through work. Basically, if you visit this site here and sign up for an account using your work email address, you can then search for 'Dell' on the Xexec site and find a deal that provides 15% off all monitors via a unique code. Generate this code on the Xexec site, then use it at Dell instead of the VCLOUD8 code for an insanely good £273 price. For a monitor of this spec, that's really unparalleled - I nearly bought one despite owning two perfectly good monitors just because it's a mega deal!

It's not just me that thinks the S2721DGFA is a great monitor either. Canadian outlet RTings reviewed the monitor some time after release and lauded its "great all-around performance" with "excellent response time... outstanding low input lag... outstanding ergonomics... [and] high peak brightness." It's pretty much everything you could want from a gaming monitor, only really lacking the deep blacks and HDR capabilities of high-end VA or OLED panels - and obviously these monitors are a quite different proposition in terms of price and performance!

Next up is the LG monitor. Thankfully this one is much easier to buy - it's just been reduced at Amazon from £380 to £300, so just add it to your basket and order in the normal way. As we mentioned before, it uses the same panel as the LG monitor and performs similarly, but comes with a worse stand and slightly slower refresh rate. There's not much in it though, so if you prefer Amazon's returns or the Dell deal expires, it's a great backup choice. We wrote more about the 27GL850, a version of the 27GN850 with a USB hub, here.

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So that's all for now! We'll be back later tonight with a great budget mouse that's hit a new low price, so stay tuned for that. See you soon!

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