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Get a massive 4TB SSD for just $323, a historic low price

And it's Samsung's performant 870 Qvo, which we called 'the best that SATA SSDs have to offer'

The Samsung 870 Qvo, the best value SATA SSD, is available in sizes up to 8TB, making it a great option for storing a huge amount of games and media on PC or consoles like the PS4 Pro. Today the 4TB model has been sharply discounted on Amazon, to just $323. That's 25% off the previous price of $430 and a new historic low.

Katharine called the 870 Qvo 'the best that SATA SSDs' have to offer in her 870 Qvo review, pointing to the drive's value and identical random performance compared to the higher-end 860 Evo, and I have to agree with that assessment. The capacity that QLC NAND brings is really unparalleled, and with a relatively huge 4GB DRAM cache, you don't actually lose too much performance using a QLC drive instead of a more expensive TLC drive, such as the 860 Evo or 870 Evo.

As well as working as a great internal drive, you can also combine the 870 Qvo with a 10Gbps SATA to USB enclosure or adapter (like this $13 one) to make it into a high speed external SSD. This is a great way to transfer files between computers, bring installed games to a friend's house, or add more storage to consoles like the Xbox Series X and PS5. (Note that for this latter usage, external SSDs can only store current-gen games, they can't play them directly, but you can store and play last-gen games with no restrictions.)

So: a great value SSD with bags of performance where it counts, at a price that is incredibly reasonable given how much 4TB cost just one or two years ago. By comparison, the only other 4TB SSDs I can find are the WD Blue ($380) and 870 Evo ($480), so $323 is really a good price - especially when you consider that the cheapest price we've seen for this drive before now is around £385!

Thanks for checking out the article, and be sure to check out our other Prime Day 2021 deals below. The sale ends at midnight tonight, so best to get your orders in before this drive returns to its normal price!

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