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Get an extra 30% off used headsets, keyboards and mice at Amazon UK

A good way to pick up high-end kit for less.

Amazon is having one of its semi-regular Warehouse promotions in the UK, where you can get a host of PC peripherals (and other stuff) at an additional 30% off the listed price. This makes it a good opportunity to pick up (often barely) used gear, like headsets, external drives, mice and keyboards, especially higher-end stuff that would otherwise be out of reach.

There are thousands of products included in the promotion, but for our purposes, I'd suggest checking out the PC & video games or computer & accessories categories as these seemed to turn up the most relevant deals for the average RPS reader. You can also refine the search to just PC stuff but this may rule out some options that are PC-compatible but not listed as such in their product page.

Headsets seem like the most common option, with some good deals available on the Logitech G Pro X (£34 down from £49), Razer Kraken (£21 down from £30), Astro Gaming A50 (£105 down from £149) and Corsair HS70 Pro Wireless SE (£45 down from £65).

There are also a good range of keyboards, including the excellent compact K65 RGB Mini 60% for £50, the full-size Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 for £73, alongside similarly good discounts on the Razer Tartarus keypad and minimalist Corsair K60 RGB Pro.

I could go on, but perhaps we'll leave it there for now. Let me know in the comments if you find any bargains, and stay tuned for more deals in the very near future!

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