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Get Europa Universalis IV for $1 in Humble's new Paradox Bundle

Strategy fans unite.

Clearly not content with having three game bundles on the go, those mad lunatics at Humble have just gone and announced a fourth bundle today, this time celebrating the best of Paradox Interactive. It's a pretty special one, too, as you've got the epic Europa Universalis IV and Age Of Wonders III in the entry-level 78p / $1 tier, as well as Stellaris, BattleTech and Tyranny all for under a tenner. So read on to see how this nine-strong game bundle works.

Running from now until August 6th, the Humble Best of Paradox Bundle is chock full of today's best strategy games, making it a great way to get acquainted with the genre in one fell swoop. As per usual, the bundle is split into several different tiers and the number of games you get depends on how much you want to pay.

You can see what's in each tier in the list below, but there are some pretty juicy games in all four of them. As mentioned above, getting Europa Universalis IV for just 78p / $1 is stupidly good value, and you'd normally spend at least £10 / $12 on BattleTech alone during a sale, let along getting seven extra games with it for the same price plus all its extra digital goodies such as its soundtrack, artbook and extra wallpapers. Then, finally, there's the very good Imperator: Rome sitting atop the pile for just under £14 / $17, which again, is pretty great value for money.

So, here's the bundle in full. If you pay 78p / $1, you get:

  • Warlock - Master of the Arcane
  • Age of Wonders III
  • Europa Universalis IV

Then, if you pay more than the average, which is currently £5.76 in the UK at the moment, you'll also get:

  • Stellaris
  • Victoria Collection
  • Necropolis: Brutal Edition

Pay more than £9.44 / $12, then you'll get all of the above plus:

  • Tyranny
  • Battletech: Digital Deluxe Edition

And finally, those who pay the top bracket of £13.37 / $17 will get everything plus:

  • Imperator: Rome

Anyone who gets the complete bundle will also receive a voucher for a free month of Humble Choice, Humble's monthly subscription service, if you're a new subscriber. However, as I mentioned back in my Warhammer 40K Bundle post and this week's Daedalic Bundle post (which are still ongoing, I might add), it's worth bearing in mind that Humble are also offering 40% off a year's worth of Humble Choice Premium right now if you're considering signing up.

This offer lasts until the end of July, and will save you quite a bit of cash over the course of a year compared to its usual price of £16 / $20 a month. It is, sadly, for new subscribers only, so if you sign up using the free voucher you get with the bundle, you won't be considered a new subscriber anymore, thereby locking yourself out of this potentially good deal. The current Humble Choice games include Age Of Wonders: Planetfall and Void Bastards this month, and you can sign up here if you fancy it.

As always, you can choose where your money goes when you buy the Best Of Paradox bundle. You can split it between Paradox, Humble and their chosen charities for the month, which include SANDS, an organisation that supports those affected by the death of a baby, and charity:water, who help bring safe and clean water to developing countries. If you've got another cause you'd wish to support, though, you can always choose your own from their charity database.

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