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Get the newly upgraded Crucial X6 2TB portable SSD for £129

That's £20 off for a drive capable of 800MB/s reads and writes.

The Crucial X6 is one of the best portable SSDs on the market, and a ginormous 2TB model is currently discounted to £129 at Amazon, from its normal price of £150. This makes it the cheapest 2TB portable SSD by a significant margin, with alternatives like the Samsung T7 and SanDisk Extreme 2TB costing £191 or more - and an excellent value for a drive of this calibre.

The Crucial X6 was recently upgraded, and now supports sequential read and write speeds up to 800MB/s, making it much closer in performance to the more expensive Crucial X8. Of course, as well as offering faster file transfers, the drive also offers considerably lower latency than a portable hard drive - you can actually play games off of this without issue, which is incredible. Likewise, if you use this to store media like videos or images, then you can pull them up instantly, rather than needing to wait for a mechanical hard drive to slowly spool up.

So why do you need 2TB of portable SSD storage? Well, you don't need it, but I can promise you that having this much storage is quite handy - especially if you have multiple PCs. I'm forever backing up files from computers, transferring media files from my PC to the TV downstairs, or moving game install directories onto a new PC test rig, and having a fast portable SSD makes a massive difference. I previously did this with a portable hard drive, which basically forces you to leave transfers going for minutes or even hours on end. With the Crucial X6, you can bring it out, plug it, drag over the files and put it away again - no need to leave computers on overnight for a particularly large backup.

In any case, the X6 is a brilliant drive that comes well-recommended from me - so seeing it at a reduced price is awesome. This is definitely one to look out for in the Black Friday sales, but for now this is the best price we've seen for some time!

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