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Ghostrunner's cyberpunk parkour slides out next month

Jumpin' slidin' hacker slashers

Annoyingly, I still can't wallrun in real life - and it sure ain't for lack of trying. Thankfully, Ghostrunner is swinging in with some real good vertical sprinting. Arriving on October 27th, One More Level's dystopian dash n' slasher is cutting heads and sliding down stylish cyberpunk buildings without so much as scuffing its knees.

Swooping in last year, Ghostrunner asks - and immediately answers - one very simple question: what if Mirror's Edge had swords, though?

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Presenting you with a massive, grimy, neon-tinted urban sprawl, Ghostrunner is a parkour playground. These wallrides and butt-slides aren't just for show, mind - the authorities of this dystopia don't want you sliding and wallrunning and grappling your way through this dystopian backlot, sending all sorts of goons after you. As such, Ghostrunner has you leaping and dodging your way through firefights like some kinda sword-wielding Titanfall 2 speedrunner.

The RPS vidbuds braved the cyberpunk dystopia of the Koelnmesse to play Ghostrunner at last year's Gamescom, finding "a speedy wall-bounder who is fighting their way through humanity’s last refuge – a city of towers and pipes and electrified walls. They can grapple onto distant wires, slide on the old kneecaps, and slash energy bullets to send them flying back at enemies."

That praise didn't stop the game's presenter calling Matthew "average", mind - and while their vid flaunts some lovely slow-mo decapitations and death-defying acrobatics, there are plenty of stunts that don't manage to, well, defy death. Watching one of the developers run through it is a dream, though - a flurry of dodged bullets and flying heads played out in slow-motion.

If it plays as well as it looks, Ghostrunner will be one to watch out for when it leaps onto Steam, GOG, and the Epic Games Store on October 27th for £25/€30/$30, with a free demo available to download on September 29th.

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