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October just got even busier with Ghostrunner 2 slated for the 26th

Slipping in between Alan Wake 2 and Alone In The Dark

Screenshot from Ghostrunner 2, showing a cyborg enemy charging at the screen in a neon city.
Image credit: 505 Games

Despite my best efforts, I’m still not proficient at wall-running or motorbiking. But lucky for me, publishers 505 Games have announced that Ghostrunner 2 is coming out on October 26th, which is shaping up to be another very busy month for very good-looking games. The original Ghostrunner bashed the first-person parkour of Mirror’s Edge with cyberpunky ninja swords to great success, and the sequel bolts on a rideable bike and a parry system to the winning formula.

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All the snazzy vertical running, slashing, dashing and sliding is intact from the original game, only this time there’s a motorbike for some bonus cool points. Previous trailers had already shown off the steely vehicle and had me hoping (expecting) that an Akira-style bike slide would show up at some point in the game, because, let’s be real, this is a dystopian cyberpunk world with cool motorbikes. Of course we’re getting a slo-mo drift scene, right?

Matthew Castle (RPS in peace) had good things to say about the first game’s acrobatic murder spree. "I’ve heard the designers cite Titanfall 2 as an inspiration and this is a similar six or so hours where every level adds a mechanical twist for ten minutes before parkouring to the next," he wrote in his Ghostrunner review. "You’re hacking billboards to orient paths. No, you’re surfing drones between rooftops. Actually, you’re dodging low hanging signs atop a train. It’s never dull." Hopefully, the sequel keeps up that momentum.

Ghostrunner 2 will be available on Steam, GOG, and the Epic Games Store on October 26th. That's the same week as Cities: Skylines 2 and The Metal Gear Solid Master Collection (October 24th), Alone In The Dark (October 25th) and Alan Wake 2 (now Ocotber 27th). Phew!

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