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Jumpin' slidin' cyberninja Ghostrunner is out now

Jump 'n' stab 'n' die 'n' retry

Dodge. Slide. Slash. Leap. Fall. Die. Repeat. After months of scampering around behind the scenes, acrobatic cyber-slasher Ghostrunner finally lept onto store shelves today. The proper good acrobatic murder ballet arrives with a 20% launch discount and a free demo - should you wish to warm up before making a full leap on One More Level's bloody wallrunner.

As exemplified by a new launch trailer, Ghostrunner is extremely Cyberpunk, yes. Even so, it's hard to get tired of another neon-tinted chromescape when it tears by in a blur of kickflips and decapitations

Ghostrunner, in short, is a first-person parkour 'em up in the vein of Titanfall 2 or Mirror's Edge - one that's more or (arguably) less violent depending on which one you started from. See, you've got a big ol' sword and some supernatural powers, and Ghostrunner's platforming gauntlets are punctuated by tense showdowns with armed goons. One bullet's all it takes, but you're too fast for spent rounds... right?

Having already taken on the speedy death labyrinth in preview vids, former vidbud Matthew Castle (RPS-in-peace?) ducked, dodged, slid and wallran his way through our Ghostrunner review - and by his word, it only killed him 1423 times in the process. It might take a while to hit top gear, and the story might be a pile of guff, but when it's firing on all cylinders? I hear it's a hell of a thing.

"I’ve heard the designers cite Titanfall 2 as an inspiration and this is a similar six or so hours where every level adds a mechanical twist for ten minutes before parkouring to the next. You’re hacking billboard to orient paths. No, you’re surfing drones between rooftops. Actually, you’re dodging low hanging signs atop a train. It’s never dull."

Ghostrunner is out now on Steam, GOG and the Epic Games Store for £20/€24/$24.

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