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Ghostrunner's Project_Hel DLC comes out in January

You play as a big bad boss

If you fancy some cyberpunk ninja action to spice up your new year, Ghostrunner is getting a new DLC on January 27th. Project_Hel will let players take control of Hel, one of the game's original bosses, as she heads out on her own quest. I hope it's evil. I like seeing what antagonists get up to in their free time.

This expansion was initially designed to be a smaller affair, but the developers decided to grow it into a bigger experience. You'll get to do all the wallrunning, slicing and dashing as you could before, but this time as Hel, who'll have her own take on the game's abilities. There'll be new enemies, bosses and music too.

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One of the best parts about playing as a boss is that she can take more than one hit. The previous player character would be unalived as soon as they took a bit of damage, but bosses are a bit sturdier, letting them take two whole hits. Luxury.

Matthew had a good time with Ghostrunner when he reviewed it last year, though he did rack up a fair few deaths thanks to its challenging combat and parkour.

"I’ve heard the designers cite Titanfall 2 as an inspiration and this is a similar six or so hours where every level adds a mechanical twist for ten minutes before parkouring to the next," he wrote in his Ghostrunner review. "You’re hacking billboards to orient paths. No, you’re surfing drones between rooftops. Actually, you’re dodging low hanging signs atop a train. It's never dull."

Here's hoping the new expansion can keep up with that excitement. Project-Hel is set to release on January 27th, 2022. You'll be able to grab it on PC via Steam, the Epic Games Store, and GOG, as well as the PlayStations, Xboxes, Nintendo Switch and Amazon Luna, for £12.49.

It's worth noting there's a Ghostrunner sequel in the works too. I expect we're quite a ways away from seeing more of that though.

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