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We tried Ghostrunner and were deemed ‘average’ at its cyberpunk parkour slicing

Dodgy stuff

Have you heard of the new cyberswordman who's getting all the Mirror’s Edgelords excited? Ghostrunner is an arcadey slice ‘em up where you play a cyberpunk ninja who does Titanfall-style parkour between bullet-dodges and decapitations. It looks slick. The RPS video battalion have sent two commandos to Gamescom to take a look, and we have just received their scouting report. In short, it’s pointy and dangerous and Matthew was called “average” by the game’s presenter.

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Not to be confused with Ghost Rider, the skull-faced motorcyclist, or Ghostwriter, the helpful bright grammar phantom of 1990s educational TV programming, Ghostrunner is a speedy wall-bounder who is fighting their way through humanity’s last refuge – a city of towers and pipes and electrified walls. They can grapple onto distant wires, slide on the old kneecaps, and slash energy bullets to send them flying back at enemies.

It’s got a bit of Superhot to it, as Matthew and Alice L explain in the video and… actually, they explain a lot in the video. Why are you still reading these words? Watch the thing. Come on, show some respect for the swipey ninja bloke with the robot fingers. Observe his clumsy falls and quick deaths. Those are all Matthew, of course. Later, he gives the controller to the game’s producer, who shows us how a real ninja goes about liberating an entire cyberdistrict of its arms and torsos.

The video squad is hard at work, both at home and away, so please do that YouTube thing where you click on the upwards thumb, and subscribe to the RPS video channel if you want to see more of their ongoing Gamescom mission.

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