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GOG Galaxy adding cloud saves, for old games too

Getting Steamier!

Cloud saves and built-in screenshotting -- two of my favourite Steam favourites -- are coming to GOG Galaxy, the optional client from the virtuous virtual vendor of video games. Never needing to hunt down and back up saves or install FRAPS (or whatever the heck kids use these days) is still such a wonderful convenience. These features and more will come to GOG Galaxy when it officially leaves beta with Update 1.2 in April. Galaxy will even offer cloud saves for some old games not built to support them. I still mourn lost Planescape: Torment saves so this sounds grand.

GOG call their system 'Universal Cloud Saves', and also note that "because is all about giving freedom of choice to users, cloud saves are not locked behind the gaming platform - at any moment users can download backup of their saves data and use it as they see fit." Steam requires a game be installed before it'll suck saves down out of the cloud, so that's a nice touch.

Update 1.2 will bring plenty more too. GOG explain:

"GOG Galaxy Update 1.2 also introduces an option to customize the Client to users' needs by selecting features they want to use, for a personalised experience and no feature-creep. In addition, the brand new hibernate mode cuts on Client CPU usage when playing a game, and saves resources and battery life when idling in the background. Update 1.2 also packs many of community's most-desired requests, including bandwidth limiting and scheduling, FPS counter, screenshot capturing, in-game overlay, achievement rarity, desktop and in-game notifications system, new chat and more."

Peachy! That's the sort of stuff Galaxy needed. Of all the Steam knock-offs, Galaxy is the one which causes me the least trouble. With these features coming, I can't think of anything else big that'll make me wish I was using Steam instead. And more Galaxy is likely in my future. While it's optional for most games -- you can still download 'em DRM-free from the GOG website, same as ever -- GOG's dad, CD Projekt, are using for things like Gwent.

Update 1.2 will launch in April. If you want an early peek and to help get it ship-shape, it is now on the opt-in beta branch. More details about Update 1.2 are on the Galaxy site.

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