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Now everyone can try the GOG Galaxy 2.0 client beta

All your games and pals in one place!

After months of invitation-only testing for the shiny new version of their client, digital store GOG today launched GOG Galaxy 2.0 into open beta testing. More than a downloader and launcher, the optional client tries to draw together game libraries, friends lists, achievements, and more from loads of different stores and even consoles into one single place. You can admire virtual shelves full of all your games, see what all your pals are up to, and feel like the chief of cheevos when admiring all your accomplishments. Here, the video below explains it.

So! Across store clients and platforms, you can see what pals are up to, see their stats, compare stats, and that. You can link accounts from GOG, Steam, Xbox Live, PlayStation Network, Epic Games Store, and Uplay, manually add games from outside those stores too, and even have user-made plugins supporting more stores, emulated console games, and more. And, like ye olde GOG Galaxy, it gives games bought on GOG support for cloud saves and auto-updating and such.

You don't have to use it, mind. Galaxy is still optional, aside from GOG games which rely on it for multiplayer gubbins. You can still download and play other GOG games as standalone DRM-free installers. I don't care about consolidating libraries and clients myself but do have pals who have enjoyed Galaxy so hey, fair play to them. Have fun with your wall of box art.

If you fancy a go, head on over to the GOG Galaxy website to download it for Windows or Mac.

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