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Gotham Knights is delayed to sometime in 2022

Prime crime time is moving back to next year

Bad news, bat gang. The upcoming Warner Bros. bat family action game Gotham Knights is getting punted into 2022. Previously announced for launch this year, WB say that the knights crew need more time before they're ready to fight crime. Bruce Wayne's protege foursome are now expected to hit Gotham's streets sometime next year, though WB haven't yet specified when.

WB's announcement is a pretty brief one, saying simply:

"Gotham Knights will now launch worldwide in 2022. We are giving the game more time to deliver the best possible experience for players. Thank you to our amazing fans for your tremendous support of Gotham Knights. We look forward to showcasing more of the game in the coming months."

They don't specifically mention Covid-19, but the challenges of working during the pandemic have been a common theme with the many games delayed during the last year. I wouldn't be surprised if that's part of the underlying cause.

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Gotham Knights was one of RPS's most anticipated action games of 2021. With a cast of Batgirl, Robin, Red Hood, and Nightwing, the Arkham-like action game is looking quite focused on co-op. WB have also mentioned that you and your pal can both be Nightwing if you want. You can play as two of any hero, WB say, because the breadth of available skills will let you both play each one with your own style. That video up above gives a decent length look at Batgirl and Robin taking on Mr. Freeze together in co-op.

I'm not normally a super heroes 'em up person, but my usual co-op buddy is. We're always struggling to find single playthrough co-op campaigns these days, so I was looking forward to Gotham Knights this year despite my disinterest in the cape crew.

The other upcoming WB supers game Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League from Rocksteady Studios was already planning a 2022 launch date. Hopefully the two fearsome foursomes can agree to share next year with one another.

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