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Grab 16GB of RGB-encrusted DDR4 RAM for a bargain price at Ebay UK

Once again, the BANK15 code for 15% off comes in clutch.

We've already covered a few deals using Ebay's current 15% off code, but there are so many items covered by this promotion that we're drawing from the well once more. This time, we found some good deals on brand new DDR4 RAM, offering you either a dual-channel 2x8GB kit or a single 16GB stick for under £60. To get these discounted prices, use code BANK15 at the checkout.

Let's cover the Corsair option first. This is Vengeance RGB Pro RAM, which I've used in my own PCs on occasion and has always performed well. The spec here is fast with relatively high latency - DDR4-3600 CL18 - and should offer excellent performance on both Intel and AMD systems. The key thing to think about here is that you're getting just a single stick of RAM, so it would be best to buy two sticks here for a 32GB setup for under £110.

The Adata alternative is ideal for those that want to spend less than £60 for a complete dual-channel kit. You do pay a bit more for the privilege, and the memory is a little slower too: it's DDR4-3200 CL16. Those should offer nearly as good performance in almost all applications, perhaps on the order of a couple of percent in some CPU-bound games. However, running your two sticks of RAM in dual-channel mode offers significant performance advantages over running a single stick in single channel, so this is the significantly better bet if you only want 16GB of RAM. I also happen to like Adata's RGB design a bit better too, with a bit of added complexity, but that's more a matter of taste than anything else.

Both RAM options come with attractive RGB lighting, adding a bit of verve to your PC, but of course this can be set to a single colour or even disabled entirely if you'd prefer.

No matter which RAM you choose, remember to set it to its rated XMP or DOCP speed in the BIOS. There's nothing worse than dipping into the BIOS and discovering your RAM is running at the DDR4 default of 2133MT/s - so if you haven't checked it recently, do so! While your BIOS is the place you can enable or disable XMP, you can at least check the speed using the Performance tab in Task Manager(click Memory on the left and then check the listed speed below the memory usage and memory composition graphs). You can also use apps like CPU-Z.

I hope you found these deals (and those extra titbits) handy. If so, let me know in the comments, and if you hated this post I want to hear from you too. Thanks for reading and we'll see you next time!

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