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Grab a 500GB Crucial MX500 SSD for just £42 today

That's a new all-time low, and a saving of £14

Crucial's MX500 SSD is one of the best budget SATA drives around and today you can pick up a 500GB model for a new all-time low price of just £42 in the UK. The price drop comes courtesy of Amazon UK, who have clearly forgotten that their big annual Prime Day bash starts next week on Monday June 21st, not today. Still, this is a great price for a 500GB drive, and one well worth snapping up before it disappears.

Dropping from its recent price of £56, that's a decent saving of £14 you're getting here, and only just a couple of extra quid more than the £38 250GB model. That's a fantastic price for a 500GB SSD, and I'd be surprised if we saw it fall much further next week during Prime Day proper. And heck, even if it does, it can't fall that much further, surely, otherwise it would end up being cheaper than the 250GB model. Whatever happens, £42 is a pretty good deal in and of itself, and I don't think I'd be that cross if it fell another couple of quid next week.

Indeed, based off previous Prime Day deal behaviour, it's probably unlikely we'll see the 500GB get another discount this week. The Crucial MX500 may well be one of the hot ticket items, but Amazon tend to go heavy on the larger size capacities during these types of sales events rather than go big on the sizes people might actually want to buy. So we might see the 2TB MX500 get a nice discount, for example, but maybe nothing on the 500GB model. That's why I'd be pretty confident buying one now, although who knows what's going on in Amazon's special SSD deals department.

Either way, the MX500 is a great SSD and definitely one of the better SATA drives you can buy today. The 1TB model is a pretty good price as well these days. While not on a specific deal, you can currently grab one for £81 at the moment, which is slightly cheaper than buying two 500GB drives.

Of course, I'll be highlighting all the best Prime Day deals happening next Monday and Tuesday as and when they go live, so keep an eye on the Deals section of the site and our regularly updated hub page for more lovely discounts.

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