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Grab the handy Stream Deck Mini for £55

A smaller 3x2 macro pad for budding streamers and macro champs.

The Elgato Stream Deck Mini debuted for £70 or $100, but now it's down to £54.99 on Amazon UK. That's a handy 21% off and a fairly decent cost of entry and a historic low price for a useful macro-pad, with easy integrations for streaming apps, media and general automation.

We covered the full-size Stream Deck when it was briefly reduced to £90, but we'll quickly go over the idea behind the Stream Deck if you're not familiar with it.

The main idea is that you have a little box that sits on your desk, within easy reach, and on the box there are a number of tiny screens built into slightly larger buttons. Using the Stream Deck software, you can choose from a huge library of pre-made official and third-party functions or create your own, assign that function to a key of your choice using the drag-and-drop interface, and choose an image that's shown on that key's screen.

Here you have only six physical keys, but with nested folders and app-dependent profiles you should be able to access pretty much anything you'd need.

If you're doing something like streaming or recording gameplay, then having a convenient, always-accessible set of controls that's easier to use and remember than an arcane keyboard binding makes a lot of sense. The Stream Deck also works great just for macros, so if there are parts of your work or life in general that you automate using scripts, you can assign these to the buttons quite easily.

What do you think of the Stream Deck? If you've got one, or you're considering it, let me know in the comments - I'm curious to know how many macro/stream kings/queens there are out there in the RPS audience!

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