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Guild Wars 2 Halloween Pretties

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My eyes might be my favourite part of my body. I tried touching this concept art for the Guild Wars 2 Halloween update, but all I could feel was a flat monitor and dried snot. I tried listening to it, but it was cunningly silent. Upon sniffing it all I managed to ascertain was that I needed a shower. Tasting it was utterly pointless: it tasted of light and electricity, and nothing like a richly designed concept art I was licking. No, the eyes have it. I'm currently attempting to go without blinking, so I get maximum use out of them. A nano second of darkness is waste when I'm trying to absorb all this.

It's all in preparation for Halloween. The Shadow of the Mad King update will bring a new four-part story based around the returning trickster. The figure of folklore will be spreading insanity and mayhem through Arenanet's lovely MMO from October the 23rd all the way to the 31st. In addition, there will be themed costumes and items to buy, as well as a Costume Brawl event. I suspect if the art is anything to go by, Guild Wars 2 will be the gaming equivalent of the man down the road who spends all year planning his holiday scares. There won't be an inch of space not covered in cobwebs or fake spiders.

Arenanet managed to do a really good job of matching the striking artwork in-game, and while I've been distracted by Borderlands 2 and Dishonored, I'm going to make the effort to pop in and see what they do to the world. It should be worth it. The links below will launch massive-versions of the concept art. I'd right-click and open them each in a separate tab.

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