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Hades composer teaches how to play one of its lovely songs in this video

A tutorial from the legendary musician Orpheus himself

Supergiant's games all have pretty wonderful soundtracks, and their new Ancient Greek roguelike Hades is no exception. We have composer Darren Korb to thank for that, and this weekend he released a video tutorial teaching how to play one of Hades' delightful tunes. It's not one of the heavy intense tracks from your battles in Tartarus, however. Instead it's one of the soothing melodies you hear when you come across Eurydice in Asphodel.

Here he is with a lesson on how to play the gorgeous Good Riddance on guitar. For the game, he actually used a Turkish instrument called a bağlama, so if you happen to have one of those lying around, that works too.

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As well as sheet music, the video shows guitar tabs for each part as he plays, so you can follow along nice and easy if you have an instrument to hand.

You'll probably notice from this video that not only is Korb the composer for the game, but he also plays the singing voice of Orpheus, Hades' legendary court musician. (He's the voice of both Zagreus and Skelly, too. I'd pay good money to hear him sing this as those two.)

Hearing those first few notes of Good Riddance is such a relaxing feeling. In Hades, you usually only hear them when you're midway through a run in the fiery depths of Asphodel, and it's such a stark contrast to the heavier music in your many underworld battles.

Having said that, he should totally do a tutorial for The Unseen Ones. Give us a challenge, Korb.

The soundtrack is one of the many many things that's brilliant about this game. Check out our Hades review for more glowing praise, and then play it. And then play the music!

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