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Hades now lets you share saves between PC and Switch

No need to start over on Switch!

If you've liked Hades enough to buy it a second time, good news: you can now play the same save on both PC and Switch. Developers Supergiant Games last night launched the 'Cross-Saves' update on Switch, which lets you hook the game up to your Steam or Epic account and share saves through the cloud. So if you want, you needn't start over fresh and unlock everything again on your Nintendo. That's nice.

Supergiant explained the process on Twitter:

Along with your unlock and progression, certain cheevos will carry over from Switch to PC too. Supergiant say, "Story-based, one-time achievements all should have registered. Ones that should be completable within a reasonable amount of time may need to be earned again." But they do warn you should use different save slots on PC and Switch.

After nine months in early access, Hades launched on PC and Switch in September. It is wellll good, our Hades review says. I've not even played Hades myself (because I can only hold understanding of three roguelikelikes in my brain at once, and all slots are full with games I cherish) but I have very much enjoyed it as a spectator, both for idly watching on Twitch and for seeing all the amazing, amazing, horny, amazing fan art people are making.

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