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Hate curved screens? Pick up Gigabyte's 34-in flat ultrawide for $399.99

The M34WQ's 3440x1440 144Hz IPS panel is gorgeous.

When it comes to ultrawide gaming monitors, curved VA panels are very much the standard - but despite their benefits in terms of immersiveness, not everyone prefers them. Therefore, I thought I'd highlight this deal on Gigabte's M34WQ, a flat 34-in monitor that hits the popular 3440x144 144Hz spec and is today $20 off with a coupon code at Newegg to hit its lowest ever price.

With an IPS panel on board, as well as the flat design you also get better pixel response times than almost all VA panel displays, making this a better choice for fast motion - think racing, FPS or MOBA titles. The 144Hz refresh rate obviously contributes here too, as does the low input lag all around. FreeSync and G-Sync are both supported, making this monitor a good pairing with AMD, Intel or Nvidia graphics cards.

This is also a good monitor for productivity, with the 21:9 aspect ratio allowing you to easily get two or even three windows side-by-side for multi-tasking. There's even a KVM switch built into the monitor, a Gigabyte speciality, which allows you to control multiple computers using a single keyboard and mouse. In terms of inputs, there's DisplayPort and two HDMI ports, although given the aspect ratio this isn't the best choice for console gaming. Steam Deck would likely work nicely here though!

I think this is a great shout for anyone a bit weirded out by curved screens, but if you do prefer the look of a curve and the better contrast of a VA panel, the almost identical G34WQC is available for slightly less money on Amazon - it's $379 at the moment, down from $450.

Of course, we also have a full range of gaming monitor recommendations available for you too. Thanks for joining me and stay tuned for more deals next week!

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