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Have you played… Among Us?

I am once again asking you to kick out green.

"Yes", is the likely answer to this question. I don’t need to put you through all the "developed by Innersloth games, Among Us became a sensation in 2020, two years after its release" stuff because you already know it all thanks to the ludicrous amount of attention this game has received post-Twitch and YouTube fame.

Among Us is the perfect distillation of social deduction games like Mafia and Werewolf, best played with a squad of pals while talking on Discord and abiding by an agreement where dead men tell no tales and literally any action can make you kinda sus.

As someone who bloody loves it when someone decides to run a game of mafia in a group setting, Among Us scratches an itch not many popular video games have before. I have surprised myself with the lengths I’m willing to go to to clear my name of murdering cyan. I’ll insult someone’s chosen hat, the name they picked for their character, even bring up something snaky they did a few years back. Remember that time you took the last Pepsi Max out of the fridge when I was horribly hungover and specifically said I wanted it? That’s some impostor behaviour tbh.

The fun you have with Among Us really hinges on the vibe of your group. I’ve found playing with randos alright, but when things really kick off it just isn’t the same. When it’s just text chat most folks seem to default to ‘vote for blue if someone says blue’, which has led to no shortage of impostor victories by just confidently shifting blame. Being forced to explain yourself, your actions, and having your entire character eviscerated by friends is why we’re all here, so if you somehow haven’t tried Among Us, get the gang together and go. It's even free on mobile.

This absolute banger is at its best when you’re shouting at your friends and destroying all trust and loyalty you ever had. Killing Ed Thorn when he’s just trying to fix the wires is a thrill I’ll never tire of.

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