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Have You Played... Antichamber?

Mindbogglingly confusing

Years after Antichamber befuddled and flummoxed those who played it, there are trickles of new players discovering this gem for the first time. "Made my brain hurt", commented one a few days ago. "Every level is super mind-blowing" said another. Even years after I first played and completed this baffling puzzle game from Alexander Bruce, I recently came back to discover that, in forgetting the answers, it feels as fresh to me as it does to these newcomers.

There are times when I feel I'm running in circles, and times when I'm running in circles only to turn round and find the solution following me. Sometimes I'll be looking at a sign telling me not to do something, only to be punished for doing just that. The overwhelming theme is: how we perceive a problem is what matters. The solution often involves thinking outside-of-the-box, and the game hammers this message home in the panels you collect.

Things become more confusing when it introduces you to a gun that shoots and sucks up cubes. Instead of just looking to find your way around, it becomes a question of which areas can now be accessed with cubes, and that's only the beginning. Just note that if you ever get stuck, you can literally escape by pressing the escape button.

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