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Have You Played... Dungeon Of The Endless?

A daft decision

I didn't play Dungeon Of The Endless for nearly long enough. It's a splendid little roguelike where dungeoneering meets tower defence, and you usually meet your end within ten minutes. Except I got lucky on one of my early runs, beat the game, and never went back.

Truth be told, I can barely remember how it works. You need to lug a crystal to the exit on every level, but if you just charge forward then you'll be cut to pieces by swarms of insects. Or robots. Or robot insects. It's fuzzy, okay?

The Dungeon never had a chance to burn a proper impression into my brain. Or rather, I never gave it one. Once I'd beaten the final stage, a tick-mark appeared in the stupid section of my mind that apparently cares more about completion than fun. I'm aware this is silly - I wrote a whole thing about why.

Why, though, did I not go back and try to beat it with another team? That's what I normally do, with other roguelikes. Did touching the lofty heights of success so early make me cowed, unwilling to plunge back down into the pits of mediocrity? Did I unconsciously decide that I wasn't having as much fun as I thought? Or did I just get distracted by something shiny?

I'll never know. But at least writing this has convinced me I need to go back.

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