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Have You Played... Hearthstone?

A game that warms my cockles.

I bloody love Hearthstone. Every time a collectible card game comes out, people come together to agree that this one, absolutely, definitely, is The Hearthstone Killer. But it never is. The ease with which you can pick up Hearthstone and understand the basic mechanics, win conditions, and strategies makes it the most welcoming CCG for those new to the genre. Honestly though, the potential depth the game has for extremely high level big brain plays is there for those of us who want to test the limits of our card playing and deckbuilding ability.

I’ve been doing Hearthstone guides for over a year at this point, but somehow this game and its developers just keep on bringing new ideas which fit seamlessly into the mechanics that already exist.

The world they’ve built is extremely charming, too. Those of you familiar with the Warcraft universe will have some familiarity with it, but Hearthstone takes Warcraft's characters and locations, and slathers them in silly slapstick fun. RPS readers will likely know this through our very own Nate’s ruminations on Hearthstone.

Of course, there’s the ever-present issue of monetisation with a game like Hearthstone. It's true that in order to get every single card, things can get pretty pricy. Hopefully the bigwigs over at Blizzard will make some changes in response to community outcry over stinginess. If they do, I’ll be even more outspoken in imploring everyone to give the game a try, because even as is, there’s bound to be something in Hearthstone for you.

Be it single player stories where you accumulate unlimited power, or Hearthstone Battlegrounds, the auto-chess style mode which puts a (free) spin on Hearthstone’s core mechanics whilst offering something wholly unique. There's a lot going on here.

I just like it a lot. Job’s Done.

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