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Head-Spinning Heights: Hitman's 360° Marrakesh Trailer

Moroccan out

It's tough being hip nowadays, what with all the mobile cellular telephones and social medias and streams and memes. Another fad that seems to be becoming increasingly popular is 360 degree "interactive" videogame trailers. I like these and the latest Hitman [official site] number takes us to Marrakesh, should you wish to visit the Moroccan city before getting your hands on Agent 47's latest outing that's out today.

Perhaps you'll pull the camera all the way to the left and follow the armed soldier who's guarding the boisterous protesters, or maybe you'll swivel to the right and see what that market vendor over there is selling? That's what I did anyway, but why don't you try it out for yourself?

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Hitman's episodic release model has ruffled some feathers along the way, however it seems after the initial underwhelming Paris mission, things have got increasingly better. Edwin seemed to enjoy his time with the latest episode, and praised its densely populated map for offering more of a challenge than what's come before. Marrakesh seems like an intriguing hunting ground, then, and here's how he described it:

"The city is a blur of colour and sound – helicopters roaring over the market square, chattering TV sets, plumes of shisha smoke, gossiping labourers, masked figures slapping up posters – but it’s a lot more readable than I was expecting from my hands-off demo in April. The map essentially consists of four large zones: besides the market and the protest rally, there’s a tumbledown school turned military base that’s home to one of your primary targets, a general with despotic aspirations, and the [Swedish] consulate itself, an oasis of quintessentially Scandinavian calm where you’ll find the other mark, a villainous banker."

While there's only been a handful of Steam reviews posted for Episode 3, at the time of writing, one assured user simply states Marrakesh is "Better than Sapienza." If you've dived in already tell us what you think in the comments below.

Hitman: Episode 3 - Marrakesh is out now.

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